“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”
In a quest to grow, management gets more focused to increase Sales, giving relatively lesser importance to other critical aspects such as efficiencies, wastages, costs and cash-flow’s. We do a thorough review on the business from SHAREHOLDERS EYE and advise critical levers, which if fine-tuned, can improve the profitability and the cash flows.

Corporate Restructuring
Adding resources are treated as a fuel for growth, however there are times where growth does not corresponds to the added resources, leading a corporate stress situation. It is very important to make a regular review of the performance of the company, as otherwise organisations tend to become fat.

Achyutam as an independent advisor makes review of the company’s operations and the performance, the aim is to give insight of the business, which may not be seen by the management because of its involvement in day to day matters.

Business Sustainability
Sustainability goes with a famous saying by Warren Buffet, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”.

Sometimes the businesses move at a very rapid pace, ignoring the sustainability aspect. In our review, we advise companies how to build a sustainable business Model.

Turnaround Strategy
Businesses tends to ascend and descend in their growth trajectory, it is a cycle and this phenomena is bound to happen with every organisation.

Many different factors can combine to create stress and distress situations: tough markets, eroded competitive positioning, underinvested IP, currency and commodity volatility, customer failure, weak working capital control, ineffective management and leadership We assist businesses in distress situation, to develop a turnaround strategy and partners in its implementation.

Development of an effective Management Information System (MIS) and operating models
Taking an informed decision is key for the success of any organisation, for this MIS need be presented in very analytic manner, so it can give an insight of all critical aspects which effects the decision making.

We assist in development of an effective and analyticMIS, financial and operational budgets , costing models, operational reports, thus adding greater visibility to the business.

Insurance Coverage
Insurance is a key aspect for the corporates, we do a review on the portfolio as well as the premiums being paid. Based on our experience we suggest possible improvements which can bring savings in premiums as well better coverage.

Tax Planning and Offshore Structures
By reviewing the company’s operations we provide solutions to reduce taxes. We also assist in establishing Investment structures and SPV’s. Africa has a good number of treaties for Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA’s) which can be a great advantage for making investments and for optimising the taxes.

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