Introductory Letter from the MD

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you, we are Delhi based financial advisory company and are focused to provide professional services to companies based in Africa.

Our team comprises of professionals who have been associated in senior management positions as CEO’s, ED and CFO’s with reputed companies in different parts of the world including Africa.

We understand the business complexities and challenges for operating in Africa.

Our Mission is “We help corporates grow”

In a quest to grow, management of many companies are focused to increase Sales and they give lesser importance to other aspects such as efficiencies, wastages, costs and cash-flow’s. Under our Corporae Advisory Services, we do a thorough review on the business operations from “Shareholders Eye” and advise critical levers, which if fine-tuned, can improve the Profitability and the cash flows.

Africa is an import based economy resulting in overdependence on Foreign Exchange, with our thorough understanding of banking products we assist in developing a Hedging policy which comprises of Forwards, SWAPS and strategy to source cheaper currency. A clear strategy and regular update with banks can result in substantial savings. In some instances healthy income can be generated by leveraging interest positions at different banks.

With our excellent relations with International banks, ECA’s and DFI’s we help companies to raise funds for their growth and expansions. We have a deep understanding of the working approach of banks and prepare bank applications and feasibilities complying their norms. We lead the process which includes due diligence, negotiations of the best commercial terms, vetting and execution of legal documents, till the funds are disbursed.

Through our Ethical Governance policy, we strive to build relationships that are based on trust which is ‘indestructible’, as implied by the meaning of our name – ‘Achyutam’.

We work hard to earn to maintain our clients trust and confidence.

We are confident that with the professional expertise and ethical working approach, we will be able to serve our clients better and add value to their business.

Thanking you,
Vivek Garg
Managing Director

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