Why Virtual / Shared CFO ?

Common Issues for Companies

  • I need a full time CFO, but cannot afford it.
  • I have a full time CFO, but some of the skills necessary for effective working of finance function are missing.
  • I do not need a full time CFO.
  • I am unable to provide career to a full time CFO & hence unable to retain good professional.
  • I am a startup / SME & not familiar with the nuances of compliances, accounting & taxation.
  • I know my business, but how do I generate value, get funding and handle business strategy & structuring related issues?
  • I keep running for the business goals, inadvertly ignoring the financial and accounting matters,

Absence of an experienced CFO may result in revenue leakages, excessive tax payments and, inaccurate profitability of the business operations that results in misinformed decisions.

We provide a dedicated account manager (Finance professional) at our office who acts as a Virtual CFO for companies and takes care of all Financial and Accounting headaches in co-ordination with the client’s team.

In the age of technology, there is no barriers of distance, the process is handled by communicating over e-mail’s, cloud services, video conferencing and telephonically, also a visit can be arranged in case of need.

Just focus on your core business and leave all the issues related to financial / accounting / business process / taxation / compliances to us. The simple solution to all your issues is:

  • Cost Effective
  • High competency
  • Quality & Timely delivery
  • Advantage of team of professionals instead of a single CFO
  • Long-term partner & hence continuity
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